Jerry’s Rogue Jets – Gold Beach, Oregon

One of the best places we visited was Jerry’s Rogue Jets on the Rogue River!   Below is just a taste of the photographs of our trip down the river, so I will probably have a post or two or three about this great day trip later this month.  

Check them out on the internet or Facebook for more information.  We went on the Historic Mail Boat Route, which was 64 miles round trip.  They have a 64, 80 and 104 mile round trip.  We all enjoyed it so much.   The trip on the way down the river (or up?) was calm, full of information and sightseeing. Also we saw quite a bit of wildlife. 


We then stopped at a nice lodge for lunch.   A whole post about that later!  Was great. 



On the way back to the ocean the ride was fast and furious. It was wild and crazy and so much fun!   The wind in our hair for sure…










I loved the above tree and had never seen one like it before. 

Until tomorrow, LAF 

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