Klamath Falls, Oregon – Baldwin Hotel Museum – Part 1

Like I said in my last post, I have so many photos.  One of the places I took a ton of photos was the Baldwin Hotel Museum.  Last Summer on a trip to Klamath Falls with my BFF she took me to this great museum.  Really one of the best local museums I’ve been to.  It was chock full of, not only local historical materials, but old items in general.  

They had a kitchen, movie theater, sports equipment, bedrooms, beauty and barber shops, medical, store front, lawyer’s office, and many more.  I took so many photographs manly because I was hoping to catch an orb or two, but it was not to be!  Not one orb or strange thing.  Oh well, maybe next time.  

Since I took so many pics I thought I would post them in parts.  For Part 1 I decided to post the lobby and some of the unique carpets and flooring. 


They have an amazing treasure trove of outfits and clothing.  

Come back tomorrow for a look at the bedrooms, LAF 

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