Thoughts for the Day…

How many photographs can one girl take?  Quite a few actually.  I have so many photographs that are just sitting in this cloud, that computer, oh some on my iPad, countless photos on SD cards.  It’s crazy.  I get so much enjoyment from taking the photographs and editing them, but it is soooo out of hand.  

Recently I’ve been working on putting a photo book together of the trip I took of my trip to Ireland four years ago!  Thank goodness I documented my thoughts, photos and experiences on this blog.  I’ve been working on a document that I will make into a PDF, which I will then make into a magazine, of all my Ireland blog posts.   It has been a lot of work, but the hard part was already done. 

So, for myself and for those that want to follow along, I plan on posting more often so that at the very least I will have my photos and experiences in one place.  Wish me luck!!  

Pics above taken at Out of Africa Wildlife Zoo.  

Until tomorrow, LAF

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