The A-Team

Road disappears

Intrusive people and sound

Oh to be alone

I wrote the above Haiku for the first time since middle school at the Vermillion Cliffs Women’s Photography Workshop about a year and a half ago. The moment is still fresh in my mind and changed a little part of me forever.

Our photo trip leader, Colleen, took us through an exercise of being still in our space, writing the Haiku and looking for “the photo” before ever lifting our camera. I have always been in a rush when taking photographs, like the beautiful scene before me would disappear before I had the opportunity to snap the photo. Unfortunately when you work like that you miss a lot of the little details, the sounds, the smells and the poetry.

So while I don’t always write a Haiku now when I am out in nature, I do try and stop first and photograph second.

So, where did the A-Team come from? Well, during the workshop we would spend time doing a critique of all the women’s Haiku and images. The poems and photographs that resulted from that exercise were amazing to say the least. There were tears, laughter and well more laughter! We all laughed when someone pointed out that my photograph looked like the A-Team coming to the rescue. LOL. So now that photograph that means so much to me because of that Haiku is my A-Team picture and my heart laughs.

The following are pics I took at the stop before our writing exercise … it was magical.

Until tomorrow, LAF

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