Tucson, Arizona – Street Art

About a year ago my BFF/cousin, Denise, came to town to visit. We took a quick overnight trip to visit Jackie in Tucson. Oh how I love this mural, pretty much says it all for me.

I love Tucson, it’s funky, it’s fun and it has street art and locks of love! All things I love ❤️. Although it was rainy the day we took a walk down 4th and showed Denise around, I was still able to get a few shots that I liked. We shopped in the shops, had coffee, and took a bunch of photos. Of course, you will notice I don’t take a lot of people shots. Need to work on that, I just don’t think of it when in the moment.

My favorite subject were the locks. You place the lock on the heart with your love and throw away the key locking your love away forever. Not sure if it works, but makes for great photos and I love all the different locks people find and use.

Here of some favorite ones of Jackie …

A few souvenirs from a shop full of Southwest gifts…

Even the train stops are gorgeous and works of art…

And there is the oddity here and there …

What a great afternoon we had. I only wish I had taken more photos of my family! Next time fore sure.

Until tomorrow, LAF

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