Favorite Spain Photo

My favorite photo from all of Spain may not be my best, or most liked photo. In fact some people I showed didn’t really like it, or were just so-so on it, but that’s okay, because I love it.

I remember when I took this photo, the moment I saw the scene. I was walking around the Church of Seville when my travel mates were climbing the bell tower and I came across this women working on a scroll. I think I froze and I’m not sure what exactly made me love this scene so much. I just knew I had to capture it in my camera. I remember having the opportunity to take only one photo, the one above. It may not be perfect, but I knew I had to get one before I had to move on.

I recently had it made as a 11 x 16 print on canvas. I love it and can’t wait to hang it up in my work office. It will remind me of the adventure of the trip, trying and seeing new things and just being able to photograph such new and wonderful sites.

I did get one other photography at that spot, the photo below is what the woman in the lab coat was facing. As you can see it looks like I was going past pretty quickly, but I’m glad I got a shot of it to bring back the memories.

I sent the first photo to my friend asking her for her opinion. She came back with a few of her thoughts, all of which I never thought of. It really helps to get other opinions about your art.

Weird, eerie, depressing and puzzling.

Three religious pictures on wall; I see a meaning of the middle picture (Madonna) bridging the gap between good (the cross picture) and evil (the torture picture).

Candles lit on the cross picture, yet her lamp is plugged into electrical socket.

The red chairs – blood. The white lab coat/the white light – purity (again, perhaps evil and good).

So, there you have it, my favorite photo from the trip. Although I still have lots of second favorites coming soon to share.

Until tomorrow, LAF. Xoxo

2 thoughts on “Favorite Spain Photo

  1. Your photo has come up on my Bloglovin’ feed a couple of times and each time I just have to enlarge it for a better look. Like you, I don’t know why I love it so much. Maybe it’s the balance of colours and textures. Or the posture of the woman or the out of place brightness of the light. I just know I love it.

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