Malaga, Spain – Day 7

Back to Spain! On our day seven of our Gate1 tour we took an optional tour to Malaga, Spain. Like Ronda this was one of my favorite cities and days we spent in Spain.

I loved these amazing trees as we walked through the town …

On the walk to the Picasso Museum we passed cute cafe’s, shops and murals…

What can I say, the murals…

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and before visiting the Picasso Museum I never really knew much about the artist.

The Picasso Museum, with over 285 works of art donated by the Picasso Family was amazing. We had a tour guide who explained the pieces of art and I learned so much that day. To say I enjoyed the Picasso Museum is an understatement. I would highly recommend it.

We also had a walking tour of Malaga and it was a beautiful day.

Come back soon for Day 7 afternoon and some little hungry fishes. 🐟

LAF xoxo

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