An Afternoon to Remember – Tea Review

At the recent World Tea Expo I was able to get a sample of tea from An Afternoon To Remember.  I tried it this weekend, iced.  I have to say it is one of the best iced teas I think I have ever had.  I had the Royal Wedding, which is a black tea made … Continue reading An Afternoon to Remember – Tea Review

Authentea – Tea Review

One of the exhibit booths I visited at the recent World Tea Expo was Authentea.  These were some of the nicest people I have met, so informative, attentive and who I believe truly love their product. Check out Authentea at their website here.   Check out the USA website here.  The below tea is described on … Continue reading Authentea – Tea Review

Chambre de Sucre

One of the booths at the World Tea Expo was Chambre de Sucre. Check out their beautiful website at Their exhibit booth at the Expo was absolutely gorgeous. However, I could never get close enough to the exhibitors to talk to them! It was crazy pretty and I just wanted to share their website … Continue reading Chambre de Sucre