Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Day 11

Before dinner on our day 11 of our tour we had an afternoon bus tour that dropped us off outside the Roman Catholic Church, the famous unfinished Sagrada Familia. This is just a peek at the church as we had paid for a tour the next day which gave us an opportunity for indoor and … Continue reading Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Day 11

Arenas de Barcelona – Barcelona, Day 11

Next to our hotel was the Arenas de Barcelona. What a beautiful building, especially at night. The Arenas de Barcelona was originally built as a bullring built in 1889 to 1900. It is now a shopping mall with views of the city and wonderful restaurants. On the first night in Barcelona we walked over from … Continue reading Arenas de Barcelona – Barcelona, Day 11

Plaza Hotel – Barcelona, Day 11

Our hotel in Barcelona was Catalonia Plaza Hotel. It was a very nice hotel with comfortable rooms and a great breakfast. Yes I even loved the fake flowers in the lobby! Pretty rooms ... The view just so-so, the apartments next-door were protesting the building of more hotels. I wonder if they got the measures … Continue reading Plaza Hotel – Barcelona, Day 11