Vermillion Cliffs – Part 3

The following photos are also from Lee's Ferry and they are my absolute favorite from the trip. I love the way the sunrise shone thru the trees. The beauty of it all. The colors of the leaves, the grass, the mountains and the cabin. Did the settlers who came here, did they wonder at the … Continue reading Vermillion Cliffs – Part 3

Happy Sunday!

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. When I look at these photos I remember how I felt standing there thinking of how difficult a life the people had living here, the weather, hardships, hunger and probably fear. When you look at the below photo, to me, it looks like a man standing in … Continue reading Happy Sunday!

Vermillion Cliffs – Part 2

We started our second day of our Women's Retreat early morning, before the sun came up, at Lee's Ferry. What a beautiful place. It changed every moment as the sun changed position in the sky. Lee's Ferry is considered the official beginning of Grand Canyon National Park on the Colorado River and is used as … Continue reading Vermillion Cliffs – Part 2