Traveling Teacups … Summertime Tea

This Summer the Traveling Teacup girls had an afternoon tea party hosted by Whateverislovelier. Check out her great blog to see how she put it all together here.

We had a great afternoon of iced tea (green and black), lots of food, photo booth with props, tea tasting of Tea of a Kind and laughs! We had a great time. We all bring something to munch on and try new recipes and teas.



The decor was amazing!




Mascot Em …


Photo-booth time!




I made white chocolate lemon cookies. The turned out pretty good. Below is the recipe if you like a nice lemon dessert.



One of the girls made the best redskinned potatoe salad. The went well with BBQ pork sliders, pasta salad, chips, veggies and dip.


Also during our tea we had a taste test of Tea of a Kind. We all gathered around to watch the Gizmo in action. Some of us liked the Ginger Peach the best, others the mint green tea. It was a nice addition to our party.




If you enjoyed this post take a look at one of our recent afternoon teas that was out of this world here.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy peek into our afternoon tea parties!

Until next time, party on, LAF

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One Response to Traveling Teacups … Summertime Tea

  1. We had a great time, didn’t we?! I’m happy to see that even Emmie made it in your post!!

    Your Traveling Teacup Friend,
    Kristen @WhateverIsLovelier

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