Beautiful Day in Phoenix

It was a beautiful day at the Desert Botanical Gardens today. it was a nice 83 degrees and so pretty outside. The gardens were a little crowded for my taste today but still enjoyable. I am just so used to going first thing in the morning, but today we got a late start. I took my mom, daughter and visiting aunt to enjoy the day.

Here are just a few flower photos from our day.





Oh yes and a tiny princess!





Some tiny little flowers!







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8 Responses to Beautiful Day in Phoenix

  1. artdood says:

    Great pictures…as usual!!!

  2. artdood says:

    Really great pictures!!!!

  3. Mona says:

    So the gardens are blooming? I have to get over there…maybe this afternoon…your pictures are luring me.

    • Well I had to really hunt those flowers out! Some of the photos were taken in the butterfly house where there are some beautiful flowers, but the wildflower garden isn’t in bloom yet. I think in the next few weeks they will show up more and more. My favorite time of the year!

  4. Becky says:

    I enjoyed the pictures of the cactus in bloom – very pretty! 🙂

  5. mauishopgirl says:

    The close-up of the pink cactus bloom is my favorite. You’re geting really good at this Laurie!

  6. avrilbetts says:

    Thanks for checking my blog, and following me. I love your photos, thanks for sharing.

  7. Joyce Nielsen says:

    what fun we had that day at the garden. I will always remember what a lovely day it was, especially with my sister in law from out of state being able to share it with us.

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