One of the exhibitors I was most looking forward to meeting at the World Tea Expo was AdventureTea.  Before going to the World Tea Expo I had looked up a lot of the companies online. This company sounded unique and different! Reading their website made me hope that one of the services they would provide would be traveling with them around the globe to pick the tea myself. The next best thing is reading their website and drinking their wonderful tea.


Check out AdventureTea’s website here.   Their website is a lot of fun, make sure to click on each type of tea for a detailed description of the taste, type of tea, quotes, and product description.  The artwork is also very unique and attractive.  In the photograph taken below I was able to get the artist who has designed the artwork with their exhibit booth.

AdventureTea Artist
AdventureTea Artist

According to their website:  they were “Inspired by our favorite adventurers in history and their common love of tea, AdventureTea™ embarked on a journey to discover an exotic new world of tea.  This journey has taken us to small tea farms in some of the most unexpected and adventurous places around the globe, outside the generally known borders of tea production. Each of our teas & herbs has a distinct personality that represents its territory, its people, and their culture.  Experience the tea worthy of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Wyatt Earp, Lawrence of Arabia, and Zheng He (all tea drinkers).”

The tea I tasted at the expo was excellent in flavor.  They have a Hawaiian Volcano Green Tea, Himalyan Oolong Tea, Malawi Black Tea, Washington State White, South African Rooibos, Canadian Peppermint Tea, Amazonian Guayusa, and Greek Mountain Tea.

I can’t wait to try more of their teas in the future.

Until next time, LAF

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