Tea of a Kind – Tea Review

At the recent 2013 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the chance to meet the nicest representatives of Tea of a Kind.  I also got a cute Tea of a Kind lip gloss but that’s besides the point!  Better yet I got the chance to try their products.

Via: Tea of a Kind
Via: Tea of a Kind

Tea of a Kind is another one of those great products that you can enjoy on the run, in the car, at the office, school and at home. It is also so much fun to use! A twist of the cap and the tea infuses into the clear bottle making a fresh mix of tea. I love keeping it in the refrigerator so that it is cold and ready to go when needed. If at home it is nice to twist the cap, infuse and pour into your favorite glass with ice.

Tea of a Kind comes in Peach Ginger Black Tea, Pomegranate Acai White Tea, and Citrus Mint Green Tea. The Pomegranate is our household favorite, with Peach Ginger coming in second and Citrus Mint third. They are all very tasty, fresh and not highly sweetened.  They use ultra purified water, natural flavors, sugar from evaporated cane juice and a touch of Stevia, with 10 calories per serving (2 servings per 16-ounce bottle).  If you are a tea drinker like me I do not like the overly sweet teas that you find in some items as convenient as this. I really want to taste my tea and these do the job.

Via: Tea of a Kind
Via: Tea of a Kind

Tea of a Kind is special.  According to their website: We use only the finest ingredients from the world’s best sources. The care that goes into growing and harvesting our ingredients comes to fruition in the delicate flavors and healthful antioxidants of our Tea of a Kind products.   Tea of a Kind has the patented Gizmo closure, which protects the beneficial characteristics of our teas from degradation. Our innovative delivery system defends against exposure to UV light, oxidation, and other damaging conditions that bottled beverages confront in the warehouse, on the delivery truck and on the store shelf.

Did I mention it was fun to use?!  I know that sounds silly, but it really is fun to see the burst of tea infuse into the bottle!  My daughter has the honor of twisting our Gizmo caps whenever possible!

I am also so impressed with this company.  They are generous, friendly, prompt and really stand behind their product.  I have emailed with one of the representatives over the last few weeks and can just tell how much she loves her job, the company and their tea.  That means something to me.   Check out their website to see if you can buy Tea of a Kind in your area, if not you can buy it online.  You won’t be disappointed!

Check back at the end of July when I take a case of Tea of a Kind to an upcoming Summer Tea Party with the Traveling Teacups!

Until next time, keep drinking that tea!  LAF

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