Sculptures in the Garden

One thing I love when visiting Botanical Gardens across the United States is the art, or sculptures, found in those gardens! I love how the works of art are thought out and put in just the right spot in nature. They definitely add to the environment. The photographs below were all taken at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.




The Cleveland Botanical Garden, located in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States, was founded in 1930 as the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland. It was the first such organization in an American city.




Get out an explore the CBG, you won’t be disappointed. I would love to see it right now in Fall, but am too far away in Arizona!




For seventy-five years, Cleveland Botanical Garden has been one of Northeast Ohio’s treasures. With beautiful facilities and innovative programming, the Garden reaches out to every segment of the community. It is a sanctuary for those who live and work in the city; a source of inspiration and information for gardeners; a living laboratory for students, teachers and researchers; a healing presence for those with special needs; and a catalyst for urban revitalization. In recent years, Cleveland Botanical Garden has extended its reach far beyond Northeast Ohio, becoming a national leader in urban horticulture, horticultural therapy and environmental education. From: University Circle





Until next time, explore on, LAF

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