Happy 2015!

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha


Definitely a quote for me to try and live by. Every New Year I try and make resolutions, think next year will be the best year, worry about the things I did or did not do the year before, all the things I accomplished, or usually all the things I did not accomplish.

Life is hard for most of us, getting thru the last two months has been difficult to say the least, with health issues, pain, heart attacks, anxiety, surgeries, money and work stress. And the way I got thru it was to be thankful for everyday and only worry about that day, not yesterday and not tomorrow. That is really hard for someone like me who generally overthinks life. So this year I am going to try and share more on my blog, put it out there, photograph more, journal more, ask questions and let my freak flag fly! Just be me and not worry what others think, just do my best work.

One of my favorite places to go in Phoenix is the Desert Botanical Gardens. Always love it, but last weekend I had the opportunity to take some friends with me and I think I slowed down and looked at everything with new eyes. I didn’t rush into taking photos, going down the trails in my order, etc. but, I really tried to see everything new. The following photos are a few things that touched me that day as just beautiful and to be honest not sure I would have seen them by myself. My friend pointed out plants I might not have noticed I am embarrassed to say! Was a good lesson!







One of the neatest thing I saw on this day was a saguaro with a prickly pear growing out of a nest!



Crazy! I just love that little cactus peeking out from the huge Saguaro above.










Still my favorite space in the garden below…



My beautiful daughter below, who has started to show a real love and eye for photography. She is my best friend and I hope she has the best life possible.


Until next time, life for today! LAF

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