Let Your Freak Flag Fly – Silly 

There is something about being silly that just makes a good day even better!  And if there is something my family knows it is being silly, and not worrying what people think about it. 

First photo is of my mom being her silly self.  For someone who has had a very physically painful life she definitely knows how to put that aside and be her funny self.  I love that about her and we have a lot of laughs.  I know she doesn’t always feel like laughing but she does her best. 


Last weekend my mom, daughter and I took our yearly trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens to enjoy the weather and the wildflowers.    Halfway thru our day we always stop to have a cookie and our favorite, the prickly pear iced tea.   My daughter took the photo above and it us one of my favorites of my mom as it shows the twinkle in her eye!  

The following are of my daughter who cannot have a photo taken without making a face or sticking out her tongue.  Not sure if she will ever outgrow that, and just between us, I hope she doesn’t!  


We definitely got some funny looks as we cracked up laughing that day!  

We also caught two silly animals on our visit. Some birds, one acting like a dog as it was listening and turning it’s head and the other, a little guy lounging by the patio with a watchful eye for a dropped snack. 




It was a great day, lots of fun, laughter and silly behavior.  

Until tomorrow, LAF

One thought on “Let Your Freak Flag Fly – Silly 

  1. You are so blessed to have such a loving relationship with your Mom and your Daughter. and so nice you can enjoy your time with each other in a fun filled way.

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