One of my favorite things is minatures.  Minature houses, minature books, dolls, stickers, you name it, if it’s tiny I’ll probably love it!

I have always loved bonsai trees, since I saw my first one almost 30 years ago at the United States National Arboretum, where we saw a wonderful traveling bonsai exhibit.  Some of these trees were over 500 years old and every type of tree you could imagine, oak, pine, azaleas, maple, etc., it was amazing and I remember it like it was yesterday.  

Recently while at the Desert Botanical Gardens I came across this wonderful bonsai tree with a tiny little tire swing.  Love it!  


Many people associate bonsai trees with inner peace, serenity and contentment, and while its true that most of the people who successfully rear bonsais have these qualities they are earned over time.  unknown. 

Last time I saw this little tree it was at the entrance of the  Steele Herb Garden. Which, by the way is one of my favorite places in the garden.  


Until tomorrow, LAF


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