Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Day 11

Before dinner on our day 11 of our tour we had an afternoon bus tour that dropped us off outside the Roman Catholic Church, the famous unfinished Sagrada Familia. This is just a peek at the church as we had paid for a tour the next day which gave us an opportunity for indoor and … Continue reading Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Day 11

Toledo, Spain – Part 3, Day 10

Well, I've made airline reservations for two trips coming up. One to Michigan and one to Oregon! I'm so excited, it's funny how just having tickets makes me have something to look forward to and boosts my mood. Whether it's a month away or a year away, it makes me happy. Just making these plans … Continue reading Toledo, Spain – Part 3, Day 10

Madrid & Toledo, Spain – Part 1, Day 10

On Day 10 of our Gate 1 Travel tour we had a free day and an optional tour toToledo. We had a beautiful day. Tons of walking, lots of history and even new street art. The following is just a few photos of the buildings we saw on our walk thru Toledo. Beautiful old world … Continue reading Madrid & Toledo, Spain – Part 1, Day 10