Fun Teapots in Galway, Ireland

On the way back to meet the bus, in Galway, we spotted some great teapots in a store window. Snapped some quick pics and wished I had been able to see what the store was, investigate more, etc. Would love to know the name brand of these. They were so unique!! Have a great weekend, … Continue reading Fun Teapots in Galway, Ireland

Take A Picture . . . Color Me Happy

This week's photo challenge from was Color Me Happy. Well today I took my mom, daughter and visiting aunt to Ikea on the other side of town. We had a great time and while there I took a few photos of some "colors" that made me happy. My first photo though is of a … Continue reading Take A Picture . . . Color Me Happy

Just Another Photo Challenge – Old

I was so excited for this week's mauishopgirl's Just Another Photo Challenge as the topic was "old." I love love love photographing old stuff, such as western towns, old trains, cars, furniture, and antiques. When I see the new topic for the next week I get excited thinking of all the neat photographs I can … Continue reading Just Another Photo Challenge – Old