Moonshine and Cactus 

“Jesus turned the water into wine! I turned it into Likker” by Popcorn Sutton 


At our visit to the Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, Arizona, I found a lot of wonderful old stuff to take photographs of, frankly I was in Heaven.  I like to call these my “Moonshine and Cactus” photos!  I think it would have been great fun to live back in the gold rush days.  Well, maybe just for a short time, as I am pretty sure it was a hard life, especially for women.   






My favorite photo of the day ..

Until tomorrow, have some Moonshine!  LAF

One thought on “Moonshine and Cactus 

  1. Great photos ~ my favorite is the one with the bottles lined up along the wall, different sizes and colors. Makes me wonder what those bottles were filled with when in use.

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