Lisbon, Portugal – Midday Day 2

So, after checking out the park across from Hotel Mundial, talking to some vendors and taking photos, we decided to take a tuk tuk tour with our local tour guide “John.”

Lisbon 2 3

We had a great time. To be honest, I’m not sure of everywhere we went. I know we zoomed in and out of the traffic in our little tuk tuk! It really was fun. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. He spoke great English, which he told us was from watching Netflix movies.

I know that one of the places we went to was this square where I almost was the victim of pickpocketing, which we had been warned about. I noticed this man and his friends kept running physically into me and my friend. I just kept looking him down, holding onto my camera and purse and he eventually went away. It was so crowded tho, I can see how they could distract you.

Lisbon 2 6

Lisbon 2 2

We stopped, got out and took some photographs from this beautiful view point. Tree lined streets, fountains and water in the distance.

Lisbon 2 11

Lisbon 2 8

DBG_Lisbon 2 16_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 15_1

We then stopped at the Basilica do Sagrado Coracao de Jesus Lisboa where John gave us time to go in and take our time, and view the beautiful 1500’s architecture.

DBG_Lisbon 2 20_1

Across the street from the church we talked to John and we were able to walk thru the Jardim Da Estrela, a beautiful city park, and met him on the other side. One of my favorite things to do is go to a garden, so I was thrilled!

I even tried my hand at a little street photography with these lovely gentlemen.

Lisbon 2 30

Some flowers of course…

Lisbon 2 29

DBG_Lisbon 2 45_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 35_1

A few more stops and a few more photographs rounded out our trip!

Lisbon 2 19

DBG_Lisbon 2 38_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 37_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 36_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 21_1

Come back tomorrow for some favorite photographs of food and shop windows!

Until tomorrow, LAF



One thought on “Lisbon, Portugal – Midday Day 2

  1. Wow! How did you know where to look first? I would be so in awe of it all. Beautiful pic’s!

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