Lisbon, Portugal – Early Day 2

On the start of Day 2 of our trip, we got up relatively early, had a nice breakfast at the Hotel Mundial and headed out with plenty of time before meeting our tour this evening. Our first stop was across the street to Martim Moniz square with a few monuments, vendors, shops and locks of love.

Started the day with a photo of our doorman.

Lisbon5 - Copy

I could not find the name or history of the following monument, with our hotel in the background, but if everyone knows, let me know!

Lisbon9 - Copy

Lisbon8 - Copy

We did a little shopping… Cork, was a big item here in Portugal. You could literally find anything made out of cork. I bought a watch and some of the girls bought purses.

Lisbon14 - Copy

I loved these shoes in a nearby shop window…

Lisbon6 - Copy

A few photos from the morning.

Lisbon11 - Copy

Lisbon7 - Copy

Lisbon clock - Copy

Lisbon26 - Copy

My favorite part of this square was these locks on the Love sculpture and the huge photographs around the square. Was all so beautiful and our weather was perfect with blue skies and puffy clouds.

Lisbon13 - Copy

Lisbon19 - Copy

Lisbon12 - Copy

Lisbon16 - Copy

Lisbon18 - Copy





Come back tomorrow, to follow all the wonderful things we saw on our tour with John in the tuk tuk!

Until tomorrow, LAF


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