Lisbon, Portugal – Food & Gifts Day 2

Yes, I still am on Day 2 and probably midday at that! Bare with me because these are my favorites…

DBG_Lisbon 2 50_1

I love taking photographs of store windows, multiples, the patterns, it’s like my way of buying souvenirs without spending any money!

DBG_Lisbon 2 48_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 49_1

DBG_Lisbon 42_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 42_1

Next up, some food photos! We had a great breakfast at the hotel, lunch at this cute little café and then pastry at another cute place, all within walking distance of the Hotel Mundial.

DBG_Lisbon 2 55_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 57_1

DBG_Lisbon 2 48(0)_1

Until tomorrow, LAF

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