Lisbon, Portugal – Day 2 & 3

So, After our tuk tuk tour with John and having some lunch we went back to our rooms to get ready for the Gate 1 Tour meeting. Unfortunately one of the other girls (my roommate) had not felt well and wanted to lay down while we went to lunch. We thought it was just some … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – Day 2 & 3

Lisbon, Portugal – Food & Gifts Day 2

Yes, I still am on Day 2 and probably midday at that! Bare with me because these are my favorites... I love taking photographs of store windows, multiples, the patterns, it's like my way of buying souvenirs without spending any money! Next up, some food photos! We had a great breakfast at the hotel, lunch … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – Food & Gifts Day 2

Lisbon, Portugal – Midday Day 2

So, after checking out the park across from Hotel Mundial, talking to some vendors and taking photos, we decided to take a tuk tuk tour with our local tour guide "John." We had a great time. To be honest, I'm not sure of everywhere we went. I know we zoomed in and out of the … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – Midday Day 2