Lisbon, Portugal – Day 2 & 3

So, After our tuk tuk tour with John and having some lunch we went back to our rooms to get ready for the Gate 1 Tour meeting. Unfortunately one of the other girls (my roommate) had not felt well and wanted to lay down while we went to lunch. We thought it was just some jetlag. Well, I was just four hours behind her with the “sickness.” We sat together on the airplane and I think we picked up a stomach bug from a nearby passenger. As my roommate felt worse, I started to get that feeling. Well, we missed the tour meeting and I was able to stay long enough just to pick up our luggage tags, etc.

DBG_Lisbon 2 63_1

Well as the night wore on I got sicker and sicker. Luckily we were staying at the same hotel for three nights total. This was our second night so I knew that I would be able to skip the tour the next day and stay in bed and recover. My other traveling companion was able to go the next day, although I know she was exhausted.

DBG_Lisbon 2 47_1

The next day, Day 3, of our tour wore on, I felt a little better even tho I was unable to eat and basically slept for 24 hours straight.  Thank God the hotel minibar had 7up and water! It rained all day as I laid there. That part I enjoyed listening to the rain, the being alone part felt really isolated! It was a very odd feeling being totally alone in a country you don’t know or speak the language and listening to the rain and hearing people down in the streets talking, yelling and laughing.  All in a different language at that.   It was a bit scary to be honest.

We had a scheduled dinner that evening with all the people on the tour and our tour guide was so nice to send soup up to our room for me. That was the best soup I’ve ever eaten in my life! Chicken and rice.

Since I didn’t get out on Day 3 to take any photographs, I will just add some here from our room!

DBG_Lisbon 2 62_1





Until tomorrow, stay well. LAF

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