Evora, Portugal – Day 4

So, on Day 4 we checked out of our hotel and headed to Evora, Portugal. I was still under the weather, but as long as I didn’t eat or drink, I was able to move on! I slept on the bus all the way to Evora. It was truly an exhausting day.

We arrived at Evora, one of Portugal’s beautifully preserved Medieval towns. Inside the towns 14th century walls you find an elaborate cathedral and cloisters, columns of a Roman Temple and the San Francisco Church and Ossuary Chapel. The Chapel was decorated with thousands of human bones and skulls.

This was one thing I really wanted to see and it did not disappoint! So amazing, great, spooky and emotional all at one time. If only I had felt better I could have taken more photos. But, maybe what I got was enough.

After the Chapel we went outside and from the town square we started climbing this hill. I literally thought I was going to not make it, I was so weak and sweaty from being sick. Luckily one of the girls told the tour guide and she walked me back down to the town square. I was too tired to even care that I was missing the rest of the city. She took me into a little cafe off the town square, got me set up at a table and left me there to rest. I had a 7up, which frankly was so amazing, people watched and got my strength back.

It was amazing to watch the elderly people come into the cafe, dressed beautifully, and read their paper and have their espresso. It was an overall great experience sitting amidst the locals.

Until tomorrow, stay well, LAF


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