Seville, Spain – Evening Day 4

I just want to start by saying since I had been sick, and exhausted on day 3 and 4, the days in Seville are a little blurry! When I look at the photos they don’t quite match up in my brain. But, we will give it a go.

After leaving Evora we had quite a long bus ride, with a few breaks on the way. We drove to Seville in Spain. One of the things I love about overseas is the truck stops or service stations off the highway are just great. They have places inside with plenty of restrooms, tea and coffee with pastries, gifts and limited groceries. One of our stops had this drying ham in different stages.

After a long day of driving we got to our hotel for the evening.

Beautiful hotel, Seville Center. After getting settled in we walked to a nearby restaurant (which I don’t remember the name and was too tired to take photos). What I do remember was we had chicken, potatoes and soup maybe. Since I was still recovering I had very little to eat. The one thing I remember about the restaurant was the gorgeous photographs on the wall and the decor. Was very nice and part of our tour and planned for us.

A few photos of our hotel…

A quick photo out our hotel window…

Come back tomorrow for Day 5 in Seville!

Until then, be happy, LAF


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