Seville, Spain – Morning Day 5

After breakfast at the hotel we went to the Ibero-American 1929 Exhibition Hall also know as the Plaza de Espana which was built of the Worlds Fair. It was a relaxing spot to start out the day as we walked around and took our time snapping photos.

It was a gloomy morning with overcast skies, but still beautiful.

There were buildings, boats, tiles, bridges and horses! A photographer’s paradise for sure. Although, I am not super happy with the photos I took there, but they still bring back happy memories for sure.

I absolutely loved these little boats, just wish we had been able to ride in one, or seen them being used!

The tile pictures were gorgeous, as well as the beautiful cobblestone in the square.

There were people selling fans and peddling their wares.

The bridges with their colorful tiles.

My favorite photo of the morning…

Come back soon, as we head over to the Seville Cathedral.

Until then, LAF xoxo

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