Toledo, Spain – Part 3, Day 10

Well, I’ve made airline reservations for two trips coming up. One to Michigan and one to Oregon! I’m so excited, it’s funny how just having tickets makes me have something to look forward to and boosts my mood. Whether it’s a month away or a year away, it makes me happy.

Just making these plans makes me want to blog and edit my huge backlog of photos. So, here we go. Just a bit of photos from Toledo in Spain quite awhile ago.

The only thing about blogging and sharing photos so long after your trip is forgetting what sequence of events happened when. I really need to improve on journaling when on a trip!!

Can’t believe the cactus on the hill. I felt right at home! I guess it’s maybe not cactus, but agave?

Come back next time for a beautiful garden in Madrid.

Until then, LAF xoxo.

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