Park Guell – Barcelona, Day 12

After spending out morning at the Sagrada Familia we went on to another Antonio Gaudí masterpiece and that is Park Guell!

In 1900 the development of Park Guell was started. It began as a housing development by architect Antonio Gaudí. Because of the popularity of the place we were unable to get tickets to go inside. However, you are able to walk around the park for free. We spent quite awhile walking the perimeter of the park. It was wonderful….

As you can see there were these sand castle structures in one area that reminded me of when I was a kid making sand castles with my grandma.

Once we walked further around the park we came upon the funky buildings that I believe were part of the “model” homes that were used to sell additional homes.

To be honest I don’t know if you have a ticket if you can go in these buildings. Would be cool if you can. For more information and tickets go to their website.

I am not sure what this building is, but I absolutely loved it.

Below are a few shop photos of the gift stores around the park and flowers I found along the way!!

Until tomorrow, LAF xoxo.

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