Seville, Spain – Mid-Morning, Day 5

After visiting the Plaza we went to the spectacular Cathedral of Seville. This Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the World where Christopher Columbus is buried. This was probably, at the time these photos were taken, the largest church I had ever been in. It was really breathtaking. The gold was unreal! The paintings … Continue reading Seville, Spain – Mid-Morning, Day 5

Earl Young Mushroom Houses

As you know I like the occasional Gnome, so it is only natural that when I saw the following houses when visiting Charlevoix in Michigan I would fall in love with Earl Young's gnome or mushroom houses. Earl A. Young (March 31, 1889 – May 24, 1975) was an American architect, realtor and insurance agent. … Continue reading Earl Young Mushroom Houses

Sligo to Ennis, Ireland

I loved all the sheep and baby lambs we saw in the countryside on the trip. Everywhere we looked little lambs bouncing thru the green grass! On the fourth day of our trip we found ourselves leaving Sligo and ending our day in Ennis. Our first stop was a quick trip to Knock. It was … Continue reading Sligo to Ennis, Ireland