What do Aliens, flowers and chalk have in common?

My weekend! This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend AlienCon in Pasadena, California. This past January my husband saw a commercial about AlienCon when we were watching Ancient Aliens and he mentioned that it looked interesting. Well since traveling is not his favorite thing I jumped at it and bought tickets.

The highlight of the Conference for me was Fifty Years of Chariots of the Gods. Even tho I had to stand in this beautiful hall for an hour and a half. It was great to hear Erich von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos talk about the past 50 years. Imagine writing a book 50 years ago and having standing room only just to hear you speak.

So, the conference was three days. We didn’t make it to Pasadena in time to attend Friday, but enjoyed four different topics on Saturday. All interesting. Just a few fun photos from the event…

I broke out of my shell and asked these ladies on the street if I could take their photo.

Sunday, while Bob went to the Conference I drove about five miles to another destination in Pasadena, The Huntington. OMG, I am in LOVE. I have been to countless Botanical Gardens and I must say this is in my top three!

I don’t have a lot of photos to post here just yet because I have so many on my camera to edit and share in multiple posts! The roses, the statues, the Japanese gardens, I can’t even tell you how much this visit meant to me. I practiced some different techniques with my camera and focused all my energy on nature.

The following two photos has two ladies in them that just caught my attention, while I normally wouldn’t take people photos, I really loved how the ladies looked. They just took their time, the umbrella, I just had to take their photo.

I really didn’t expect this to go this long so I think I will wrap it up with two murals I saw on Sunday on the way to picking Bob up at the Conference. I love street art and murals.

I mean how often do you see a beautiful flower mural, with a beautiful woman caring a bunch of beautiful flowers?

Come back tomorrow (or the next day) for the photographs of the Pasadena Chalk Festival that was going on also while we were there. I can only say there are a lot of talented artist out there.

Until tomorrow, LAF

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