Portugal & Spain

In early 2017, March 23rd to be exact, I embarked on an amazing trip to Portugal and Spain with three girlfriends. I am not sure why I hold on to my photos so long (I do this every time) but, maybe it is me holding on to my memories. Whatever the reason, it is time to share them now! So, I apologize to anyone not interested, but my blog is about to become all Spain for a bit. I have so many favorite photos from this trip. After I finish blogging my trip I like to go back and make a photo book out of all my posts. It’s a long process! Haha.

On March 23, 2017, my friends, Jean, Pat and MaryAnna took off from Phoenix to join our tour with Gate 1 Travel in Lisbon, Portugal. We arrived an extra day early to get over our jet lag and make sure we didn’t have any delays.

We arrived late in the evening, was picked up at the airport by Gate 1 and settled into our hotel. We had the best view from our hotel room…

Nice room and beautiful hotel.

Yes, I love little toiletries.

After settling in we went down to the reception area and asked for some local recommendations for dinner. We were exhausted from our trip so did not want to travel too far, we were referred to a nice restaurant right around the corner. I don’t know the name, but it was just what we needed.

We had octopus salad, crusty bread and cheese before our orders were even taken. I had an omelet and fries.

My favorite thing about this hotel was the cool photo on the inside of the elevator! Haha. It doesn’t take much to impress me.

Come back tomorrow for the ups and downs of our first day in Portugal!

Until then, LAF. 😘

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