Seville, Spain – Mid-Morning, Day 5

After visiting the Plaza we went to the spectacular Cathedral of Seville. This Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the World where Christopher Columbus is buried.

This was probably, at the time these photos were taken, the largest church I had ever been in. It was really breathtaking. The gold was unreal! The paintings and sculptures…

The groundbreaking of this church was 1401 and completed in 1528. I find it so hard to believe that they could build such architecture in that time frame. Amazing.

I love stained glass and this Cathedral did not disappoint.

While the other girls went up the Giralda Bell Tower, I walked around and took more photos.

The artwork was amazing and a little scary as well…

Why I can’t take a straight photo is beyond me, everything I took was so crooked! Maybe my camera was heavy and I was tired, I don’t know, but hopefully you enjoyed this beautiful Cathedral.

Until tomorrow, LAF


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